You are enough.

We all too often forget how powerful these three little words can be in our daily lives. How often do you hear these words throughout your day? Almost never. Instead, we find ourselves glancing in dismay at the bathroom mirror, our vision clouded by what we want to see rather than the beauty of God’s creation before us. Or maybe we stare hopelessly at another man or woman we deem to look or be better than ourselves because of what they have that we wish we did. Why is it that we seek to compare, to change, and to perfect?

We treat our own bodies as if they are broken. We come to believe the lies that if we were just skinnier, just stronger, just a little bit more, then we would be happy. And here lies the problem. We come to believe that our self worth, our happiness, lies within our own grasp. We believe it is something that must be attained and earned. We forget that we are not perfect because society says so, but we are perfect because our Father says so. We are not worthy of love because we look a certain way, but because we have been handcrafted for love, by Love.

When we come to truly believe these words, we are free to fully express ourselves and even come to love ourselves. Our self worth and dignity, and herein our happiness, lie not insomething that we can attain, but in someone who has created us, loves us, and wants the very best for us. This very person has also proven that we are worth dying for.

Today we invite you to try believing in this truth. Believe that you are loved, you are smart, you are beautiful, you are strong, and you are enough. Then sit back and watch the beauty that will unfold as you truly begin to live. Any time that you need a reminder simply look at a crucifix, for there in the eyes of the man hanging on that cross, you will find just how much you are truly worth.

It is in coming to this realization that we are freed not only to love ourselves, but to allow ourselves to truly love, and be loved, by others. This is SO key with any relationship. No person can affirm you enough that you will come to realize your self worth. No amount of “Wow, you are beautiful/ handsome/ strong/ capable/ etc…” from your boyfriend or girlfriend will make you believe it. Seek the answers to: “Who am I?” “Am I loved?” “Am I beautiful?” from Christ first, and then simply live in that love. Strangely enough, it is when you are complete in Christ’s love, when you realize that you are enough with or without a boyfriend or girlfriend, that God tends to bring someone new into your life.