I thirst for you.

That is the only way to describe the strength
With which I yearn for you.
As a groom longs for his bride,
So I long for you.

But why is it that I have this thirst?

I thirst for you,
Because I long to save you from this world.
I thirst for you,
Because I desire to pull you into me,
To give you my heart.

I thirst for you,
For I long to be one with you,
To share my life with you,
To draw you into my mission,
To love you.

My thirst for you is unlike the thirsts of this world.
For I thirst to give everything to you,
To take but one thing from you.
I long only to take away your thirst,
To quench what the world cannot.
To fill the deep hole in your heart,
The hole that reminds you that you are not meant to be fleeting,
As the world is fleeting.

You are meant to be seen,
To be known,
To be deeply loved.
Let me show you the depth of your worth,
For I am captivated by you.
I thirst for you.

This meditation of mine with Christ, and inspired by Saint Mother Teresa’s famous mediation, is a powerful reminder of all that our desires can be when they are truly ordered toward love.

Just as the thirst for water is natural, so is the thirst of a ‘groom for his bride.’ The attraction between the two is perhaps the strongest force on Earth; since it is the thirst of Christ for His Church that this attraction is mirroring. There is no greater pull between two people, than that of the one that can lead them to cease to exist as two, and instead become one flesh, one life.

Due to that love which it images, this particular thirst is beyond its counterparts in this world. It is a thirst set apart from all other thirsts that we as humans experience. Most thirsts seek to fulfill a biological need, a desire for comfort or self-gratification. These thirsts—such as thirsts for water, food, a new car, or a house—can be momentarily satisfied when we achieve what we want. But it is only ever temporary.

The thirst between male and female animals is no different than these other biological thirsts. But the thirst between a man and his bride is one of the distinguishing features of humanity. It encompasses all that we are. It is a biological attraction, stemming from the heart, and expressing the desires of the soul for love. Animals feel merely the biological pull to procreate, while humans feel a pull stemming from the depths of who they are; a yearning for love.

We are made to be seen, known, and loved deeply. The depth to which we thirst for love can only truly be filled by the unwavering, all consuming, constant love of Christ. However, since we ourselves are images of Christ, we have been made to share in a version of this love with one another here on Earth as well, for those of us called to Marriage. When God created man in His image, He created us male and female so that this desire for love would be stamped into our very anatomies. A complementary completeness, imaging the combining of two hearts, two souls, two lives, into one—just as the bodies become one.

The problem is, we suffer today from a great disconnect within our understanding of this thirst to be loved. The biology of this great thirst has taken over and it has been reduced to a surface-level thirst, just like all the others. We are ultimately seeking a love like in the mediation above, yet we are being told that to find it we must merely seek the biological satisfaction of a thirst temporarily satisfied. This satisfaction is merely a moment; it is fleeting, shallow, and it seeks to take, not give, and to use, not cherish. This is why we are left empty afterward. We achieve what ‘romantic’ movies or songs say to achieve, and yet it is not love that we feel. We feel the split we have made between our bodies, and our hearts and souls.

Fulfilling a thirst for lust, when it is a thirst for love that we truly feel, is like chasing after drops of rain to quench our thirst when it is a waterfall that Christ wishes to fill us with.

We must take this thirst, this attraction felt, whether you are dating or married, and make it whole again. It is a thirst for body, soul, and heart—and so all must be in line. The actions of our bodies must express the promises we make to the person we thirst for with our lives and with our hearts. That is what chastity is, an aligning of body, heart, soul, and life. An ordering of this great thirst towards love, and prevention against the lies that distract us and keep us from it.