Restore Your Crown

Book Reviews

Great read! I am 24, I found it thought provoking and very applicable to todays cultural environment surrounding young men and especially women. A quick must read for young women finding value and dignity in this big world.

This book is a must read for any young woman trying to navigate through this secular world of confusing values. It is a beautifully written, honest and poignant guide to help women of all ages claim their dignity and self respect in our culture where anything goes. Foundational Christian values guide the readers to the truth of who they are called to be as women. In these confusing times, this book is a gift to women of all ages, particularly the young high school and college girls just entering the world at large. Megan and Kaylin are wonderful role models who have performed an act of service for many young girls by sharing their life experiences, lessons and journeys. By sharing their stories and giving wonderful advice, these young authors are reminding young women just how precious they are and that there is hope to claim that fact and protect it.

This book is an absolute must-read for all young women out there. Each section is inspiring and relevant and these 2 authors share God’s message in an authentic and fun way. This book has inspired me to be a better woman, deepen my relationship with God, and know what true beauty really is. I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who wants to be inspired and grow deeper in their faith. This is definitely the best Christian book I have ever read!

Megan and Kaylin address today’s Catholic woman with not only a cache of theological knowledge impressive for their age, but with an even more impressive attitude of love, forgiveness and respect. Reading through their experiences and taking into account their advice feels less like a lecture, as many books on femininity tend to be, and more like a dear friend trying to make it clear how much she cherishes you and wants you to be happy. I would highly recommend this to all high school and college-aged women looking to find a clear, Christ-centered voice in regards to womanhood. Easy to read, easy to digest but full of great moments of reflection and epiphany.

So captivating and empowering.

Great gift for high school and beyond Goddaughters. Frank and honest, open minded but truth filled.