Restore Your Crown


What is true love?

“To love is to will the good of another.”
CCC 1655

'Non-Negotiables' Exercise

  • Whether you are single or in a relationship, take some time to sit down and do this exercise from our book—it will help you better see the kind of man you wish to marry, and therefore help you determine the kind of man you should date.
  • Grab some paper and a pen and write down all “non-negotiable” qualities that you want any man you marry to have. These qualities should not be physical, but deeper, character/value traits. (Things like: has a sense of humor, treats all women well, has a faith in God that would inspire me to grow, knows how to apologize and forgive…etc.) Then save this piece of paper and the next time a man enters your life that embodies these core values don’t be afraid to go on a date with him. Stand by your core desires, but then let God surprise you with the rest!

Tips and Tricks

  • Couples that grow together, stay together—especially if you are growing spiritually.
  • Staying silent never solves anything. If something is wrong speak up. You will either both work on it and be stronger for it, or find out that you aren’t supposed to be together—which is better known sooner rather than later.
  • Long distance is tough, but it can bring in communication and commitment like never before. Trust in God’s ability to work through it and take it as an opportunity for discernment and growth.
  • Set physical boundaries early and together and avoid any situations that will compromise the respect you have for one another and the values you wish to uphold. The more you push, the harder it is to stop.
  • Place your security, self-worth, and ability to love, solely in God—loving an imperfect person means that he will let you down at times, but if you both have God as your source of love than these moments will only challenge you, not break you.
  • Date to discern marriage; don’t date out of boredom, fear, or the fun of a
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