Restore Your Crown


What is modesty?

Modesty veils physical beauty in a world obsessed with it, in order to reveal the inner beauty that is often overlooked.

The Closet Overhaul

Step 1:

Choose an accountability partner (a good friend, your sister, or maybe your mom), or muster up some serious willpower if you are going to do it by yourself. Go grab some coffee and think or talk about what clothes you feel most beautiful in and what clothes you think best portray to the world what kind of woman you want to be.

Step 2:

Get in that closet and go through everything. Ask the following questions
and start making garbage bags full of clothes to donate or throw out. Your
accountability partner, not you, gets to make the final call on all clothes.

  • Do I feel beautiful and confident in this outfit? Is it flattering?
  • Bend over. Can you see too much leg, butt, or boobs?
  • If another woman was wearing this in front of my future husband, would I be okay with that?

Step 3:

Shop!! Online or in-stores, whichever you prefer. But only buy clothes that fit your new criteria and pass the above questions with flying colors. If you successfully do this challenge and go all-in, you will be left with a closet full of only clothes that you feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident in.

Keys to Dressing Modestly

  • Learning to dress modestly is really just learning to dress the body God gave you in a way that makes you feel the most beautiful and best portrays your dignity to the world.
  • Remember that clothes should enhance, not hinder, your natural beauty, while also protecting the mystery that your beauty truly is.
  • Your outfit should never distract anyone from seeing your inner beauty, but instead should embody it.
  • Only buy clothes that work for you, not clothes that make you work to wear them. If you’re already fidgeting in the fitting room, it’s probably best to pass.

Closet "Must-Haves"

  • One black and one nude slip (to wear under dresses and skirts)
  • Good camisoles that go high enough and don’t fall open when you lean
    down (not ones with built-in bras, those pull them down more)
  • Good black jeans/pants to take the place of leggings
  • Bandeau for dresses that may be too low cut
  • Cute cardigans/sweaters for spaghetti-strap tank tops and dresses
  • A fun (modest) one-piece or tankini for pool season
  • 7 inch spandex shorts to go under workout shorts

Online Shopping Tips

  • Know your measurements
  • Always look at the length of skirts and dresses (usually given in inches)—they can often be shorter than they look in the picture
  • Read reviews about how the item actually fits those who have bought it
  • Try unique sites like

In-Store Shopping Tips

  • Always try it on! And ask yourself the questions from The Closet Overhaul section
  • Only buy something if you feel beautiful and confident in it, without feeling the need to “suck-it-in” or constantly adjust
  • If it is too short, low-cut, or see-through, don’t even try it on. It is harder to walk away once you decide you really like it
  • Look for good deals, but also good quality that will last will save you money in the long run
  • Take a friend with you who will hold you accountable to not buy the cute dress that might as well be a shirt or the patterned shorts you don’t notice your behind falling out of
  • We both love stores like Nordstrom Rack or Loft and J. Crew (However, as young women on tight budgets, we go straight for the Outlet versions of these stores to get more for our money)