Restore Your Crown


What is true beauty?

The goodness of the heart reflected onto the exterior.

The Beauty Exercises

Grab some girlfriends and give these 3 exercises from our book a try!

  1. Love the Body God Gave You
    Each girl must give 5 genuine compliments about her own body. Learn to appreciate your body as beautiful!
  2. Accept Compliments from Others
    Now give 5 genuine compliments to one another about each of your beautiful bodies. Your challenge is now to learn how to accept compliments as well. You each can only say “Thank You” when you are complimented. That’s it. No negating or making excuses.
  3. Daily Choose to See Yourself as Beautiful
    Now it is time to craft! Make a picture, canvas, Sticky-Note…anything, that has a quote or saying that reminds you how beautiful you are. Put these on your phone screensavers, by your mirrors, and in your cars. Also try texting reminders to each other that you are each beautiful exactly as you are. Daily reminders in any or all of these forms will help you begin to reset your internal thinking to see yourself as beautiful when you look in the mirror; not just see what you think are flaws.

Inspiring True Beauty