Restore Your Crown


Let’s spark a revival of true femininity, beauty and love in our world.

Let’s spark a revival of true femininity, beauty and love in our world.

Megan Finegan and Kaylin Koslosky draw the reader into what it is like to be a woman in today’s high schools and colleges; using personal stories, fun facts, humor, and vulnerability to make their subjects relatable and easily digestible. This unique work covers beauty, love, faith, relationships, and big buzz topics in the world today, and shows you how you can negotiate the challenges facing a twenty-first century woman. They keep the topics concise, to the point, and real, because both Megan and Kaylin are fresh out of college themselves and understand the busy and stressful life of a student. Daughter of the King acts as the start of a journey for every woman—a journey to rediscover her own beauty and the love she has been created for.

About the Authors

Kaylin Koslosky is beginning her new career as a high school science teacher after graduating from Colorado State University with a degree in natural sciences (biology education) and a minor in microbiology. During her time at CSU she was a member of Chi Omega, a FOCUS student missionary, and a Bible study and retreat leader for RamCatholic. Kaylin loves hiking and being outdoors and is passionate about sharing the beauty of Christ and this world with others.

Megan Finegan graduated from Benedictine College with majors in Psychology and Criminology and a minor in Sociology. She currently resides in her favorite place in the world, Colorado, and enjoys her career as a trademark paralegal. She loves to travel, hike, and find joy in the simple pleasures of life. 

Author photography by Barry Zuroski.